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New Uber Eats driver (bicycle) in North London

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Hey everyone, yesterday I got the sign off to start doing Uber Eats food deliveries.

I went out for a couple hours at lunch cycling around a lot of central and north London and didn’t get one job. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on best way to get jobs? Is it better to pitch up outside an open restaurant and just wait? I noticed a lot of guys on motorbikes doing that, they jeered me on a bit as I passed so I do feel a bit uncomfortable pulling up next to them (I’m a Woman), but maybe that’s what I have to do to get jobs? Rather than cycling around diff areas hoping to get a beep?

Appreciate any advice on the above and if anyone knows busy areas in central/north London that’s good to go.

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately because you're a woman 94 % of male uber drivers will treat you bad as their cultures demand the only difference between the motorcyclists & Uber car drivers is the Motorcyclists wear crash helmets & the drivers wear silly hat's please be safe
You can spot them from a mile away. A vest and a can of Stella.
What uber drivers?
People that treat women bad as their cultures demand. It's lockdown season, get the vest, a pack of 6 cans and crack on. It's not domestic violence, it's culture.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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