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New to Uber but why no exclusive XL?

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I am one week old on Uber. I did some UberX drives around my area but for the cost of gas and wear and tear on my SUV (2012 Honda Pilot) I wanted to do UberXL exclusively. Uber DID add my account to accept XL requests but they said in Indy I cannot exclusively accept XL requests only ( I feel like this is incorrect). In other words I have to logon as UberX and hope I can get some XL requests. If this is the case I will no longer ever be using Uber. Is this true?
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Contact support. I was able to create one that only does select and one that does x and select for the same vechile.
If you talk to 5 people at Uber, you'll get 5 answers.

Yes, some people have done Select exclusively and stuff like that, so this is possible, but you will get some resistance. Just keep emailing and eventually it'll probably get to someone who will do it.
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