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I sign up for to a Uber Driver last night and finally got approve today. I'm very new to this and a former Veteran too. I live on the Northside of Jacksonville, FL and looking this as a part time job right now. I'm a contractor for United States Navy at the Naval Station Mayport. I'm a father of two boys and married to a wonderful person. I'm looking for some advice how I can make this work for me. I'm looking to make at least a $1000.00 a month if I can make at 250.00 a week. I know reading this form it's hard to do. I have seen some people on the form talking about teaming up in this business. I know it a cut throat business. I would love to read the comments on this post.
Don't gauge earning potential from what you read here! This board is full of bitter, angry incompetents amd cab drivers trying to discourage drivers. PM me and we can talk. Your goal is pretty easy if you're smart about it. Advice given here is rarely a way to be smart about it. :)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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