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You can make $250 a week easy driving for Uber. Just get out there and drive. You'll get the hang of it really quick. Just a couple of pointers, make sure everyone is happily settled into your car before you start the trip. Starting the trip too early, or while sitting is not worth the extra pennies you'll earn and can piss off a passenger. You rate the passenger and the passenger rates you. If you do not start the trip and there is a problem they can not rate you. If there ever is a problem and the customer wants out, try to get them to cancel the trip, because again, they can not rate you. You work on the northside, so you might want to head into Riverside on Saturday afternoons. Riverside is a pocket of trendy folks, just south of downtown and you'll catch a bunch of little rides really quickly to get the hang of it. Use the passenger app to see where the other drivers are. If you don't have the passenger app you can download it from the app store or google play store. You'll be able to spot where other drivers are hanging out and my suggestion would be to go in the opposite direction. Watch where events are happening around the city. There are concerts and festivals all over, try to show up to those just as they are shutting down and you'll catch some rides. On the weekends the entire city is out and about - so as the evening begins, stay away from the hot spots, stay away from the bars and restaurants, go down to southside, or arlington and pick up folks who are going out, and bring them into the city. Then towards the end of the night, reverse your strategy. Stick closer to where the events are ending and take folks home. You'll read tons of stuff on here about surge pricing. Surge pricing is what you want, because it is much harder to grind out a profit for .65 cents a mile. Surge is what Uber uses to send drivers from one side of town to the other. If you happen to be in a surge zone, pick that call up because the fare is multiplied by the X, 1x. or 2.1 x. etc. Don't chase the surge, Uber uses the surge predictably, to put you where they know the demand will be, they get you to go to the other side of town racing after the surge and then by the time you get there, the surge will be gone because the area will be flooded with other drivers chasing the surge. There is so much to learn, we could never give it to you in one post. You don't have to keep your app on all the time, if you know that it gets busy at a particular time of day, and there are not alot of cars around you, go ahead and turn the app off until it surges, then turn the app on and catch a surge fare. It is entirely acceptable for you to accept tips. Tips are NOT included in the fare. Most folks will not tip you but if they offer do not turn it down. If folks ask you how you're doing say fine, the tips are great today.. and you'll see that you'll get a few more tips here and there. But tips are not required, Uber frowns on them and there is no way for you to be tipped electronically through the app. So there you go, that's enough to get you started. Good Luck and come back now and then and let us know how you're doing. Good Luck. Mrs. Uber Jax.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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