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More from their site:

Our Purpose
Driven by Quality
Available in more than 120 cities worldwide, including London, Moscow and New York, Gett is Europe's largest on-demand car service company by revenues. In London alone, nearly half of all black cabs run on Gett.

We do everything to put drivers first: We offer fair pricing, in-app tipping, and 24/7 live support - resulting in the best-rated drivers throughout the UK. The best drivers, in turn, deliver the highest quality and the fastest door to door rides to our passengers.

Gett Business Solutions sets new standard for corporate ground transportation enabling companies and riders to book rides and track expenses worldwide through a single platform. It is already used by more than 20,000 companies worldwide who book and track mobility services in over 56 countries.

Gett raised more than $700M in total funding, with $300M+ coming from the world's #1 carmaker, The Volkswagen Group.

In 2018, Gett officially became a "Unicorn", valued at $1.4 billion.

Enjoy the ride!
These guyes really seem to get it. Treat your drivers fairly and the passengers will enjoy (prefer!) the experience. They obviously have huge traction in Europe, and seem to have branched into the states with a foothold in New York.

What if they heard from a bunch of drivers in DC that we're ready for them to come to the Capital of Americaland? It might influence them to come here sooner and create a better option for everyone...

Disclaimer: not affiliated with this company in any way. But I'd love to see a fair minded rideshare company that can succeed here using a better business model.


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The other taxi hailing applications or TNC applications have come to Washington, eventually. VIA did it. Split, which was from Finland, did it. Hail-O came here. My Taxi only operated in Washington in North America. The last two are taxi-hailing applications. In fact, the last two are now held by the same holding company that holds Daimler-Benz AG and Kar2Go.

Gett has taxis in Europe and Asia as well as TNC. I would expect that Gett would come here. I would hope that it would offer taxis as well as TNC so that I can sign up for both.
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