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New minimum fare starting Thursday with UP

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In most cities minimum fare has gone up around 20-30% with upfront pricing change

Some threads in different cities have said some of the minimum fares went up more than $1

If that were to happen in Vegas, we would finally cross the $5 mark for minimum fare on Uber X

Let’s hope it does happen. We will see on Thursday. Anyone who gets some non surge shorties on the strip, please report what you are getting as the seemingly new “minimum fare”
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If we get radar, and we clearly will...

The only way they'll stop is if State's Attorneys General start suing them in states where they actually violate state laws/rules.

The problem, of course, is that Uber/Lyft had a hand in writing those rules. Lol

Again, for many of us, radar won't affect what rides we take, but it will affect our acceptance rates (if that sort of thing matters to you - which, unless you were trying for gold+ it shouldn't have, but under the radar model, it really should not. Like at all.).

It will also likely reduce our overall number of rides - as morons take radar rides that they will lose money on, so it never gets to a price we'd be willing to accept it at OR dropped as a regular "ping".

I think there's going to be a lot of "wait and see" here, as well as a steep learning curve for the idiots.

Hopefully, as I said before, it's going to weed out the idiots quicker when they find out that accepting these rides is a net loss.

They will either learn and stop taking them OR bankrupt themselves. Either way, will be good for the herd. So to speak.
That additional ( wait and see) time sitting still or cruising around for the right trip and grabbing that trip before other drivers that concerns me . Waiting time equals wasted time especially if you figure that time as your hourly earnings.
I get what you're saying, but...

Being self employed my entire adult life, I've never worried about "hourly earnings" to determine my profitability. (Saying that, I've always done fine by that metric too.)

Generally, I don't drive around, I stage.

There's always been downtime for XL+ drivers.

I'm quite content to read, listen to podcasts, watch TV/movies, play games, etc...
I’m just imagining for myself a extra 5 to 10 minutes of waiting for those rides that work out mathematically . 10 minutes waiting per ride x 6 is an extra hour of work.
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Or, you could also run Lyft at the same time to cut down on down time
Only on Uber so far but that’s subject to change quickly.
So just accept rides as you have been and don't overthink it (Never mind. Look who I'm talking to. LMAO)
Presumed less earnings is better than no earnings waiting trying to do math. LOL
Thanks that’s advice I hope you yourself follows and good luck with that . Remember I only put in around 10 to 15 hrs a week so if I extend that a little to make sure I’m not under paid anymore than I already am so be it.and when you try grab that ride and comes back ( already matched to a driver) just think of me. :)
That advice was specific to you. Of course I had to now explain it to you. LOL
Gave a ( like) for the effort. Hang in there ( like) buddy!
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