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New minimum fare starting Thursday with UP

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In most cities minimum fare has gone up around 20-30% with upfront pricing change

Some threads in different cities have said some of the minimum fares went up more than $1

If that were to happen in Vegas, we would finally cross the $5 mark for minimum fare on Uber X

Let’s hope it does happen. We will see on Thursday. Anyone who gets some non surge shorties on the strip, please report what you are getting as the seemingly new “minimum fare”
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I don't understand Upfront Pricing. If we get all the info ahead of time, then our acceptance rate doesn't mean anything anymore. So who keeps taking the crappy trips? Doesn't this just switch Uber to the DoorDash model where a ton of people never get their food (trips)?
I know dashers that take every offer, and I've spoken to 2 Uber drivers that have autoaccept on to take every ride. 10 drivers on this forum hardly represents the 20,000 or whatever drivers in Vegas. Don't worry. The crappy rides get covered. LOL
I’m just imagining for myself a extra 5 to 10 minutes of waiting for those rides that work out mathematically . 10 minutes waiting per ride x 6 is an extra hour of work.
So just accept rides as you have been and don't overthink it (Never mind. Look who I'm talking to. LMAO)
Presumed less earnings is better than no earnings waiting trying to do math. LOL
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Thanks that’s advice I hope you yourself follows
That advice was specific to you. Of course I had to now explain it to you. LOL
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