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Because being new to the industry i didn't have a clue what i was doing . (still don't) lol

From the outside it looks good, everyone driving new cars suited and booted looks like we're earning good.
How wrong was I, I didn't realize how many hours/days you have to work, i thought i was going to be semi retired.

I made the usual newbie mistakes ie going to the wrong companies. my first company thought it was fine that i earned
£248.00 take home for 6 12 hour shifts with their car. All account work so i dint know but i was working like a dog.
i made the points so only paid £50 for the car

Second company thought it was great to give me all the 7am and 5pm airports with no returns (that's got rid of him for a few hours )
while the others earned double doing the locals.

Its still early days and im still learning.

hopefully it will get better
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