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I've been dealing with an issue these past few days that has been driving me crazy. I got an email saying I was disqualified from driving in Massachusetts because I had been driving for less than a year, and have been unable to go online with Uber. The truth is I've only had a Mass license for 4 months, but before that I was licensed in another state. The state took the date I received my Mass license as my overall driver's license start date! They did not do any sort of national search of DMV records.

I am in the process of working this out. Apparently, they were only going with the info that Uber had provided them and they were never going to do any sort of national search. In case this happens to anyone else, my advice is to ask for an appeal of the decision, as per the instructions in the email they send you, and contact 617-305-3511 and leave a message. The main phone # for the department which handles these issues, 617-305-3500, just rings and rings- no one ever picks up. The guy who picked up at the 3511 number said they are able to clear up the misunderstanding without having to go through an appeals process, which is good because the appeals court is in Boston! What they need is documentation of your previous licensing. I have gotten a copy of my driving record from my previous state, which should be sufficient evidence that I was licensed there, and am going to email that to the response they sent me about appealing my disqualification. However, they didn't even acknowledge that I had asked for an appeal until I actually talked to the guy who answered the phone at the 3511 number. He then sent the response to the email while we were on the phone.

I've got to say that I was pretty disappointed with the level of support that UBER provided me on this issue. My requests for help resulted in being sent form letters that contained no more information than the original email I got from the state telling me I was disqualified. I had to deal with one very rude state employee, and a few kind and helpful ones, and several confusing state agency websites to finally figure out what to do. I realize that problem is with the State of Mass, but Uber really could have just figured out who to talk to in case this kind of issue came up with their drivers. It's pretty appalling 'partner' service, especially considering that I, and therefore Uber, are missing out on earnings while I am not allowed to drive.
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