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Hey Uber drivers-

A tech startup in NYC is offering the chance to earn money while you drive! Participants in our final go-to-market test will earn $75 for doing nothing more than driving around with our product in your vehicle. There's no risk to you-- we provide the hardware.

You'll also be eligible for preferred revenue-sharing status after our formal launch later this year.

And if that wasn't enough, we'll pay $25 per referred driver who also participates in the test, up to $400!

Interested? Read on for more details!

What are we doing?

We are a rapidly growing company dedicated to improving the rider experience in third-party cars like Uber and Lyft, currently in New York City. We offer drivers the opportunity to install tablets with our specially designed software in their cars to provide a unique in-car entertainment experience not unlike what can be done with your own tablet at home.

By bringing this audience to our network of local advertisers, we support a media network capable of achieving a true win-win: more money for our drivers and a superior car-ride to your destination, as a user of Uber, Lyft or any similar service.

How does it work?

We will provide you with a tablet to be mounted in your vehicle. All you have to do is put it into your car when you start driving and turn it on. After you're finished driving, remove it.

How long is the testing period?

This pilot program lasts 1 week for each driver.

What will I be paid for participating in the test?

You will be paid $75 at the end of the week. We also offer a referral bonus of $25 per driver who participates for one week!

Are there any commitments?

There are no commitments. You can quit anytime, we just want our tablet back.

Do I need to do anything differently while I'm driving?

No! After you turn on the device, just drive as you would. We are evaluating our product, so please take note of any comments or suggestions about it!

There are lots of other people doing this, how are you better?

Over 20 years of collective advertising experience has been dedicated to bringing a product to market based on what we know works in the real-world. Our experience has also allowed us to build an unparalleled ad delivery system that will be able to drive premium pricing for the opportunity to be displayed in your car.

How do I participate?

Respond to this thread or send a DM with an email or phone number to get started!!

We will schedule a time to meet and get you oriented. Don't wait, test slots are running out!
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