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New Drivers have 30 Days to Opt-out of Binding Arbitration & New Terms of Service

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Make sure and watch this video by Uberman and/or Uberdude Birmingham about new terms of service:

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I got the same response this guy did, and I opted out a week or so before the Nov. 21st deadline. I actually did it twice, just for good measure.

The wording of the response implies they recognize receipt of the opt out request from the new agreement, but they want drivers to know that's not an email for customer support inquiries.

All that being said, who trusts Uber enough to track the people who opted out? We as drivers would have our email as proof, but since Uber isn't trust-worthy in many respects why would we trust them now?

Since there is a class-action suit in NC and I've signed my name to it, I decided it was worth it to just stop driving altogether so there is no way they can suggest I agreed to terms because every time you log on, ostensibly, you're agreeing to their terms. Let's face it, at current rates it's an absolute joke trying to make a profit in consideration of how tough it is on your car.

It may well be that drivers who sent the email are fine. I can't say for sure, but the gig sucks anyhow. I needed little prodding to walk away from it in hopes of getting compensated for my losses eventually through this class action suit.
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