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New Driver question

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I signed up to drive last Thursday with Uber. I received an email yestersay 9-15-15 That my account was activated an I can now start driving. My only concern is all of my docs have not been approved like vehicle pictures. An I have not had a chance to do my vehicle inspection as of yet.
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I'm wondering if process differs in different states??? I've been approved according to emails but not activated til I register a different car. Mine is 2004, showroom new looking Volvo s80 but they say I must register a 2005 or newer. Meaning I'm shopping for a,2006 good thru Dec 2006.
Will Uber send me an inspection form and approved list of inspection places?

I have drivers license, registration, and insurance card uploaded. Haven't seen a place to upload pictures. Though I have them.
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You can go to google, put in "Uber Inspection form", print it out. Take it to any ASE Certified mechanic and have them do the inspection. Form will have a place for them to put their ASE number, signature and other stuff. I ended up buying a 2007 and loaded everything but the certification yesterday. Getting that done today.
I did upload the new car registration and the new insurance card yesterday, also emailed them to Uber contact. Still my Uber Partner app is not activated. So no access to be able to take pax. I'll upload inspection today. Hopefully that takes care of it. Did anyone experience this kind of activation delay?
I got my inspection this morning. $19.95 plus tax from an Uber Partner company. Under an hr. Passed with no problems. Uploaded it to uber. I guess my Partner App won't activate til next week though.
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