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New Driver question

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I signed up to drive last Thursday with Uber. I received an email yestersay 9-15-15 That my account was activated an I can now start driving. My only concern is all of my docs have not been approved like vehicle pictures. An I have not had a chance to do my vehicle inspection as of yet.
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Hmm. I'm now curious about this, too. I also uploaded everything they sent/asked in all the steps, but at no time did I receive any sort of 'inspection form'. I did take my car to our own mechanic and tell him I'd be driving for Uber and the list of things the website said would need to be approved - and put in some new brakes and tires in the process. My personal mechanic is not one of the "approved" guys, but I trust him more than Midas. I figured Uber would send me a form as part of the approval process, or at least the download/upload link where I had to obtain and submit the completed forms. I have not, at any time, received these. I've been driving for 3 weeks now. I figured my car must be new enough or perhaps the inspection is just 'random'?

Strange. Now I will have to do some more digging. Why would they approve me and let me use the app and so on if this were required to start? I've already been paid twice (miniscule amounts, mind, as I only drive briefly in the evenings and not late evening/drunk shifts, so I've made a whopping $75 in 3 weeks), so I know the app is working and I'm "on the system". Now I'm worried I'm going to get kicked out. :/
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So here is the question, because I share it: why is Uber telling us we are okay to drive - and in my case letting me drive - without the inspection? I've been poking buttons on my app since reading this thread and I can't even find any link to the inspection forms or reference to it again, though I know I read it in the information about 'so you want to be a driver'.

Do we just wait for Uber to 'make' us do the inspection? Will something come snail-mail? Email? Via text messages on the app? How do we find out where to take it for the inspection and where to send the proof of 'passing' inspection and so on?

I know you folks here aren't Uber employees, but I find you all very informative and the Uber website and app very much NOT. :D
Uber's driver onboarding processes are different in different markets. Don't worry about it!
Thanks! I wondered about this, if regulations vary from state to state/market to market. I'm 100% confident my vehicle will pass inspection if/when they require/need it, because we're scrupulous about maintenance and I had our personal mechanic look it over, so I'm not worried about it, per se. But I like driving - I don't want to accidentally be 'shut off' because I missed a step somewhere along the line.

Thanks for the info!
You can go to google, put in "Uber Inspection form", print it out. Take it to any ASE Certified mechanic and have them do the inspection. Form will have a place for them to put their ASE number, signature and other stuff. I ended up buying a 2007 and loaded everything but the certification yesterday. Getting that done today.
Thanks for this!!! I'll do that this week.

I did upload the new car registration and the new insurance card yesterday, also emailed them to Uber contact. Still my Uber Partner app is not activated. So no access to be able to take pax. I'll upload inspection today. Hopefully that takes care of it. Did anyone experience this kind of activation delay?
Mine took 2-3 weeks, if I recall, to clear the background check or wharever, and that's without having been requested to do the inspection. My market is very new, though, so lots of drivers flooding in. I've heard a wide range of wait times on this forum.

Sorry about mis-posting and need for edits. :)
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