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New driver, Ocean City MD

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Hi everyone. Just started driving in OCean City MD area last month, have driven 4 nights total. Love the concept, but disappointed in the pay. Would like to communicate with other drivers in the area
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from what i see, at night after 9pm on weekends you will get 3.0+ surges which is a lot of money. but when school starts again it'll probably be a ghost town,
I've yet to do a weekend night after 9pm, although I know I should. Spent a lot of time down there last Thu (1-9pm) and Fri (same) for White Marlin open, made $17-18/hr. Rather disappointing after paying for gas, etc. Are you driving many weekend nights, and if so, how are you doing? Focusing on certina parts of town, watching where other cars are, etc?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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