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Hi! :D

So I've been an UBER driver for about a month as a means to make ends while looking for a new job. Today, someone backed up into my car and caused some damage to my passenger side door. It was their fault completely. They admitted it and we both exchanged insurance information. I also had three passengers with me, and they are willing to attest it was the other driver's fault (got their contact info too just in case). I have contacted my insurance company about this and they are in progress of sorting things out. So I have a couple of questions if anyone would help me...

Do I need to notify UBER for this? I've googled a few like-phrases about this and nothing has come up as a concrete answer. It is mostly just things about injuries or if it was your fault (it wasn't, I am not 100% not liable).

Do I have to stop driving? This is my only means of income at the moment, and it is not by choice. Is there some liability thing where I can't drive people around now that my car got hit? I understand if it is unprofessional to drive around without a 100% working passenger door, but damn I got bills dude.
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