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My contracting work has been very soft lately. A few years ago I had some really banner months with my contracting work making personal records of monthly income. At the time I was even thinking of expansion and hiring people to help me out. In July 2013 I worked every single day and there were many sleepless nights. Then came 2014 where things started getting soft. I heard about Uber from a buddy, saw it on television and decided to join up to see where things would go. My second week out I made a grand just doing it on the side...then came the price cuts. I didnt make so much after, but I made about 20 grand just doing it on the side for a year. I wanted to apply for the NYC TLC license, but I had gotten a big speeding ticket which needed to wash off before I could apply. Its no good if you have points on your license.

Now, it looks like its really dried up. So Ive applied for the NYC TLC license and going to also apply to a few well known car services. I just sent an email yesterday. I'm doing the drug test tomorrow for the NYC TLC and that should be the last step in the process. After that step, probably I'm at least a month out from what I hear on this board.

The funny part is I just found out where my business has been going. There is an online website which is remotely like Uber complete with a rating system for contractors like myself. Under the old system, I would have to really wheel and deal. Send out gifts to people at these companies to get work. Under this new system, the companies go to an online website where many contractors compete with each other and are rated by the customers. So guys, the Uber way of doing things is the future.

Im proud of Uber in a lot of ways because it gives guys a chance....guys who might not otherwise have a chance. It also gives guys like me another way to make an income.

Im going to attack making a living from several different points. If you lived in Jersey for any amount of time you must know that making a living comes down to smarts, energy and aggressiveness. Youthful people have two which are energy and aggressiveness whereas someone a little older like myself has more of the "smarts" but not like the old days of all out energy and aggression.

First, Im going to sign up to that online website so I can get my contracting business going again. It wont be like the old days where I could work at full price, but now Ill have to discount my contract work. Second, Im going to try to sign up with a well known car service and Lyft. So when I do drive I dont want any down time.

Im just a working man soldier. I wish I got promoted out of the enlisted ranks, but I never made it out. What can I say?

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Congratulation NJDriver. We all enjoy what we want to do. Time has changed but all remain the same.

My way of thinking is: Concentrate on your local area.

A wise Real Estate agent once told me.
"I have a farm (my county, city) and everyday I drive around looking at the trees (houses), and when the fruits are ripe, I take them. There is a lot of trees around me.

On regards to UBER or any other business I would do the same.
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