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Never ever pick up more than your car can take

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Hello fellow drivers. Just feel like I need to vent here. Just had a ping, and the pax kept me waiting just about 5 mins. B/c XL pings are often far and few between, I rarely cancel immediately after 5 mins (and I only get $3.20 post commission), but this group of s***ty pax still shows up. They insist on shoving 7 in. I made the rule very clear that I can only take 6. They followed with the refrain, "but other drivers let us." That line makes my blood boil, and I almost let my anger get the better of me, and believe me, that would have gotten me arrested for the night. I then see them pass by in another minivan who acquiesced and took them.

By taking more than your car can fit, you're doing every driver a major disservice by rewarding bad behavior. If they hadn't been able to get a ride, maybe they would've learned their lesson. Moral of the story: NEVER EVER TAKE MORE THAN YOUR CAR CAN FIT!!! I understand the temptation, but it voids your insurance and screws over your fellow drivers. #endrant
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lol, i am from philly and i have very short fuse. you sound like a nice person, and dooshbag pax will use your best nature against you.

Personally I am generaly a good guy. But when someone shits on my head, they are getting same in return.

Next time, lock doors. Roll down window and ask pax how many people are coming. If they say more than six. YOu say you can hold only six. And never excuse or try to explain yourself. Your car, your rules. Six, then six people, period. If they show even a little hint of dissatisfaction, flip them the middle finger. Roll up the window, and cancel the ride. Oh, yeah, most important. Have an evil laugh while you are canceling, and look them in the eyes.
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