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Never ever pick up more than your car can take

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Hello fellow drivers. Just feel like I need to vent here. Just had a ping, and the pax kept me waiting just about 5 mins. B/c XL pings are often far and few between, I rarely cancel immediately after 5 mins (and I only get $3.20 post commission), but this group of s***ty pax still shows up. They insist on shoving 7 in. I made the rule very clear that I can only take 6. They followed with the refrain, "but other drivers let us." That line makes my blood boil, and I almost let my anger get the better of me, and believe me, that would have gotten me arrested for the night. I then see them pass by in another minivan who acquiesced and took them.

By taking more than your car can fit, you're doing every driver a major disservice by rewarding bad behavior. If they hadn't been able to get a ride, maybe they would've learned their lesson. Moral of the story: NEVER EVER TAKE MORE THAN YOUR CAR CAN FIT!!! I understand the temptation, but it voids your insurance and screws over your fellow drivers. #endrant
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I met a group of 12 passengers last night, but thankfully they ordered three UberX vehicles.

Anyway, I was the second driver to leave the pick-up spot, but halfway there, the third Uber vehicle sped past us on the interstate. I was driving 62 in a 55/50 zone, and the other Uber driver had to be going 70+.

One of the riders in the other Uber texted one of my passengers with a derisive "We're beating you, [expletive]." I explained to my passengers that I wouldn't drive that fast because it's unsafe, and if I get pulled over it will just slow THEM down and put my job at risk.

Thankfully, they didn't seem to have a problem with my "slow" driving.

But my point is that the other Uber driver kind of ticked me off...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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