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Never ever pick up more than your car can take

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Hello fellow drivers. Just feel like I need to vent here. Just had a ping, and the pax kept me waiting just about 5 mins. B/c XL pings are often far and few between, I rarely cancel immediately after 5 mins (and I only get $3.20 post commission), but this group of s***ty pax still shows up. They insist on shoving 7 in. I made the rule very clear that I can only take 6. They followed with the refrain, "but other drivers let us." That line makes my blood boil, and I almost let my anger get the better of me, and believe me, that would have gotten me arrested for the night. I then see them pass by in another minivan who acquiesced and took them.

By taking more than your car can fit, you're doing every driver a major disservice by rewarding bad behavior. If they hadn't been able to get a ride, maybe they would've learned their lesson. Moral of the story: NEVER EVER TAKE MORE THAN YOUR CAR CAN FIT!!! I understand the temptation, but it voids your insurance and screws over your fellow drivers. #endrant
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Hahaha, that kinda describes it. My greed made me too eager to slide the begin trip. I tried to hit cancel, but it just said to end trip. I ended the trip, and in a fit of rage hit 1*. I drove down a few spots to legally park, and I could still hear their murmuring. I lauged to myself when they talked about how intimidating I was when I told them no. They were also saying that every other driver has let it slide. I wanted nothing more than to scare them away and teach them a lesson.

Now do I have any regrets about my decision? Not at all. About 5 mins later, I got a ping from a group literally standing next to my car. They had 6 people, and they went all the way to Rockville, MD with multiple stops. After uber's cut, I netted $45 from the ride.
Even though we are often in competition for pings (especially when the market seems saturated), I like to think of rideshare drivers as a united front. I look out for the best interests of the drivers as a whole and won't hesitate to strike up conversation with another driver waiting for a ping. That's why I'm encouraging drivers to never give into pax's puppy begging to clown car. It only rewards bad behavior.

I was just talking about this to one of my lawyer friends, and he told me that if anything at all happens when you have more than what your car can handle, it's easiest traffic case for a rookie lawyer to win. There is almost no defense here. It's clearly in violation of the law, and for that reason, insurance companies are not obligated to pay for any damages happening with an overloaded car. That makes you the driver liable for any financial damages and penalties. Because it's illegal, it also opens you up to criminal negligence charges. All in all, will you as a driver risk every penny plus more that you've ever made with uber for often less than $10? I sure as hell won't.
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