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Need to pick up some hoagies!

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It's Easter Sunday, guy gets in the car and we start down the location, short trip. He calls a family member and says he will pick up hoagies now it's Easter Sunday, the rider is calling the place to put in his order, can't get them. I say you want me to wait for these to be made. "Yes I am paying you" I say yea at $.13 a minute for the wait, I am not giving him a hard time, just informing him. Well, he finds out they are open, but they are so busy they are not accepting phone orders. Get to the parking lot and it is jammed with cars. Can you say 30 minutes or more wait, but he went on and I closed out the ride, but he hit me on the ratings. I asked Uber are you expecting me to wait for food and grocery pickups, like I am a riders personal chauffeur? I have done this for a quick drop and once for 45 min. but got a $20 trip, no trip was mention from this guy, he expected me to wait. Uber sends me a standard email "code of conduct" BS. Why don't they spend some of my percent I give them to educate these riders so they know what to expect?
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I explain that Uber pays nothing for waiting, and that its not like cab where the meter is really running. Most pax dont listen, some do.
I also tell them just re request when they r almost out the store and I or another driver will pick them up right away.
Some are still going to 1 star you. Really not much you can do. But not waiting is the right thing to do, until Uber ups the rate for waiting (which they will likely never do)
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