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Need info on how to cover the COST of becoming z UBER DRIVER

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There must be others out there in similar situation:

Driving Uber would likely put me back on my feet. Here is my life story in 3 sentences:

I had licenses in various states and drove for over 30 years, sometimes 24/7. Quit my teaching job due to mom's health and did not renew DL for 5yrs. Mom died and left me broke.

Things I now must pay for to become the Uber Driver: $500 ticket from over 15 yrs ago. I don't know my current credit score but it is likely about 580, I own a city lot in Chicago (trying to sell) and my entire teacher's retirement is gone due to mom's expenses. My SS is 580/mo and with such income it is unlikely to get a loan.

Does anyone know if Uber has ways to help out in situations like this?
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More than likely, a job at Mickey D's would be better that working as an Uber driver for you. After that gets you as much as it possibly can on your feet and you have a vehicle, Uber may be able to supplement that income as your (yes, I'm going there) Side Hustle.
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I'd recommend a more traditional job to get back on your feet first.
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Uber's a good part time side gig. It's not anything to make a living off of.
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Uber is a great side job like they said above
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It isn't hyperbole. In most cities you will make more at a minimum wage job. Put time in there and save your pennies. When you get a car try uber at that point. Or, maybe the new job works well and you get promoted. Anything at Home Depot or lowes or Walmart? They have room for promotions and some benefits. Or Costco.
Take out a line of credit on the property. Credit score isn't as important but you will pay higher interest.

You only need $5,000 - $7,000 to get into a Good high mileage used mini-van because they don't hold their value. This allows you to earn more from XL rides. Be sure it qualifies in your market.

Check what Uber pays in your area. Some areas are good and some suck.
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