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Need advice on being put on "black list"

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So at the beginning of last week I received a notification from Uber that my account has been flagged. Their customer support obviously sucks, and their office in NJ told me that someone complained about me, and after Uber investigated they found that I used an airplane mode.
That specific rider that they said that has complained has made me stop 5 times at random locations in NYC with a final stop by Columbus Ave. Of course the system will think that I made up a route....
What and who can I go to? This is ridiculous, I have a 4.96 rating, driving Uber Black. The ppl at the office said once I am put on the "black list" I will never be removed.


Advice or a contact would be so appreciated!
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That is the issue, I have never used an airplane mode. Uber claimed as if I did, because they see no reason for me to drive in certain areas, not knowing that the client requested for me to drive him to few stops on the way to his final destination.
This makes no sense to me. You are paid on that distance you drive, if you do airplane mode then you are cutting your own paycheck. Why would you do that, OR why would they accuse you of that? What are you leaving out?
I wish I was leaving out something. Clients receive refund from Uber for a ride that took longer than the usual route. They believe the passenger rather than the person who actually does the job. I am sure there are plenty of drivers that drive around the city in order to make up mileage. I have no time for this type of BS, but now I am penalized for what many others tend to do.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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