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Hey guys, I've been Uber driving for about a month now and am fairly satisfied, (I only do it thursday-saturday 9:00pm-3:00am) to make a few extra dollars a month and been having fun with the drunk people that crowd my prius.

I am, however, having two issues that isn't particularly holding me back but would make my experience better...
First, When I use the uber number to try to contact a rider, it doesn't work for text or phone. The text never gets to the rider, according to the riders who I've asked and the phone calls this poor girl who is very tired of me calling her, telling her that I'm her ride...
My riders tend to be punctual so it hasn't been much of an issue but I do wish I could contact them if I had to considering I mostly drive drunkies around...

Secondly, I have a second iPhone at my house and in light of data usage, decided to enlist it to work as my uber phone... Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to download the uber driver app to it considering when it downloaded to my primary phone, it was prompted to when I signed up. So, how do I get it to download again on another phone?

Sorry for the noob questions in advanced, but then again, I am a noober driver (lol) so whatever...
Also, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, again, I am a noob...

Help would be greatly appreciated.
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