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Sorry that you feel that way CaptainJackLA. Our service may not be the right choice for drivers who have their own car and are making the economics work. But we have spoken with a TON of drivers who could really benefit from our service. They:

1. need a new car but can't get a loan,
2. are leasing their Uber car and are about to go over their lease mileage,
3. don't want to keep their personal vehicle in condition for Uber

Our proposition is that you focus on driving and revenue, and we take care of the vehicle and all the associated costs -- we bundle in fuel, maintenance, cleaning, and P1 insurance.

For anyone who falls into one of those categories, or if anyone just wants to learn more, HELLOmiles is doing an information session this Wednesday night (Aug 19) in Marina del Rey at 6pm -- We'll be providing refreshments.

Sign up here: http://www.hellomiles.co/driver-application-losangeles
Good luck, go waste your time somewhere else
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