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I must have missed a memo. Just git a now show fee for $8.74.

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I had this one last night. Select ride. It was 18.6 minutes away. Request came to me as 19 minutes away, and it was 6.2 miles to pickup. Usually too much time and distance to accept, but in the suburbs, it is easy carefree miles, especially at 00:00-midnight. I am glad I accepted it though, for a $14.41 cancellation fee. The rider paid total of $19.xx. Select does not show up with a long pickup fee, but evidently that is how it paid out, time and distance kicked in on the ride to pickup.

It was a wedding at Mistwood Golf Club in Romeoville, and I waited it out at the main entrance with the couple standing under an overhang to stay out of the very heavy rain. The app kept pulsing one minute away, and the couple never ventured over to me to ask my name and try to verify their ride was waiting for them. The app kept showing a blue path making a circle, so I did a couple of loops in the circular driveway with my flashers on to try to get the notice on app of 1 minute away to disappear. The cancel timer popped up and I even waited another two minutes. It was raining so hard, I could not roll my window down to try to ask them if they were waiting for an Uber ride, without drenching the leather interior of my car.

You can bring an Uber car to the passenger, but you can't make them get in when their ride has arrived. Cancel, $14.41, thank you very much.

That is on them and the Uber app. It should not show up as the car being 1 minute away, when you are sitting at the pickup point looking at the pax.
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