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I got a ding on my navigation skills yesterday.

I'm following the navigation and it puts me at the back of a hotel of course the pax wants the front had to circle the block. Show them the map and they say YEP but I still know it was them that complained.

On a separate trip the pax tells me hey we're going in circles,ahh no I show them the map of where we've come from it's just a ton of left and right turns but all leading to the same direction. She did not buy the story the image told so I just followed her instructions.

Per uber

getting to know your area very well can lead to a high ratings.

WTF I have lived in LA since the 1970s I would bet money Nobody Knows the entire LA area. Shortcuts traffic flow where not to go at a certain times. HahahHahahaha try and make a left from blankety blank blank blank St. @ 5pm

LA is
502.7 square miles

As soon as you accept your first ping you have no clue where you're going to be for your next one. what bunch of dead miles back to your neighborhood.

Boy I hope Rick the ice cream man is in the neighborhood at his regular time.

F ing nuts

Okay just breathe, in out in out.

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I always get frustrated downtown, especially those areas where it goes up and down to different levels and navigation never shows quite which way to go.

Sometimes all it take is driving in circles 3 times and you've arrived
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