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National Emergency

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That would be Trump’s wet dream. Sticking it to Newsom.
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Two weeks ago I would have said that's an over reaction.

Today a I'd say 50% probility.

What's up with the toilet paper hording
Food and water go for it

Peeps be cray
I was at Costco today filling the tanks in my rarely used truck ahead of rationing and saw they had TP back in stock. I pack of 18 per customer I think.

Nancy Pelossi and Adam Schiff are his nightmares as well
It's got to be at least 2/1 on that Trump goes down with it and maybe evens for Pence. No idea who Pelosi's been close to so maybe it'll end up being Acting Pres. Grassley.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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