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My UberEats Hourly Rates

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Friday evening for 3 hours, I average $20hr. ... Not bad for first week of UE.
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He must have gotten really lucky with tips because there is no way in hell he's making $20/hour on UE. Even if I hit 2 quest bonuses in a week plus tips I still dont come close to making $20/hour
Made that rate having both DD and GH open last night. Never with eats.

Right. "Curbside" means nothing to them. I wish they all were curbside honestly. They barely have to lift a finger to place an order, the least they could do is be waiting outside for their food. I would be. I almost do it for Dominoes and the Chinese restaurant that delivers to me. Lol
This one DD customer ordered Bouna Beef here in Chicago burb and was salty when asked where the main door was so he could buzz me in on a ten story apartment. Good thing there was an elevator as he was on 6th floor. Cracked the door 5" inches and took his food, no thank you no nothing. Smh.
same here I average between $20-30 hr on friday, sat or sun. yeah 4-5 deliveries an hr.
4-5 Eats deliveries per hour seems impossible here in Chicagoland burbs. Food has to be ready when you get to restaurant and no apartments... Maybe.. Seems unrealistic.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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