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My UberEats Hourly Rates

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Friday evening for 3 hours, I average $20hr. ... Not bad for first week of UE.
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Shit. I need to start doing this. Especially when they are in apartments and don't give me an apt number or they tell me the building is 14 when it SAYS 815 on the actual building.
Right, and then half the time there's no gate code, so you have to wait and try not to hold up the entrance. So frustrating for barely $5 a order.
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I did my one and only last weekend. McDonalds. It paid $9. Wouldn't have been so bad if the dumb ass guy didn't offer to buzz me into his building to deliver to his door. Wtf? No I'm not risking a ticket or my life to park in NW DC to bring you a 20 piece nugget to the 8th floor. B****es be trippin...
Right. "Curbside" means nothing to them. I wish they all were curbside honestly. They barely have to lift a finger to place an order, the least they could do is be waiting outside for their food. I would be. I almost do it for Dominoes and the Chinese restaurant that delivers to me. Lol
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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