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My UberEats Hourly Rates

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Friday evening for 3 hours, I average $20hr. ... Not bad for first week of UE.
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He must have gotten really lucky with tips because there is no way in hell he's making $20/hour on UE. Even if I hit 2 quest bonuses in a week plus tips I still dont come close to making $20/hour
true...here in NYC, you cant make more than $12 an hour even during boost/peak hours. If you get a good trip for let's say $7 or $8, you wont be getting any more trips until the very top of the hour and when you do get it, it'll be around $4-$5. In the off chance you do make more than $12 in an hour by getting 3 trips, the next hour will suck out all the momentum and leave you somewhere around $20-$24 dollars for 2 hours of work. Oh and guys when you email for $5 for lateness, don't do it until the end of the shift bcz somehow the algos calculate that towards your per hour fixed rate and during the next hour you wont be getting trips or really bad ones.
4-5 Eats deliveries per hour seems impossible here in Chicagoland burbs. Food has to be ready when you get to restaurant and no apartments... Maybe.. Seems unrealistic.
ummm you do know he's full of sh*t, why bother arguing at all. Those of us in NY, Chicago, LA etc know its impossible to do more than 3 even on busiest nights.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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