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11 Year Driving Taxi in the IE, As of 10.26.14 I am now a uberX driver.
My Advice for new drivers (take it or leave it):
the following rules are not in stone, relax as needed...

My Rules, To both Increase and Protect My Rating:
1. If rider calls, text or gets in car complaining about anything, just cancel and uber on,
2. Keep windows clean at all times and Always offer the front seat (keep it clear of personal items),
3. Greet the client by name if possible, say "Hello john, thank you for using uber/lyft,
4. Get out of car if possible, Do this for your heath not just to assistant clients,
5. Open doors, Offer to load items, Offer personal assistant, Close doors (i no longer do this for all passengers),
6. Ask if they wish to point the way or use GPS,
7. Ask if they have favorite music station or offer direct audio imput,
8. Only allow passenger to seat behind you if all other seats are taken,
9. Do not knock on doors or walk women to door, boyfriends and husbands may think you are the other guy,
10. Do not deliver packages, this is bad news for a lot of reasons.
11. Do not call clients unless really needed, it's annoying,
12. Don't give a drunk man's woman too much attention,
13. Do not knowing transport minors,

After all that, S.T.F.U. and Drive. ("s.t.f.u. and drive" is my transportation motto)

My Rules, To Protect My Rating,
Not All Money is Good Money,
Some Times You Cut Your Loses and Uber On:

Keep all doors locked until you have verified clients name or client has verified your name,
If you pick-up wrong passenger and start trip, the real client will 1-star your ass.

Call or text or gets in car complaining about anything = Cancel
Call for any reason but sounds drank or stoned = Cancel
Call or text, to ask "Where are you?" = Cancel
Call or text, with something like "your ETA was 4 minutes, 5 minutes a go" = Cancel
Call or text within a few seconds, to say you passed the location = Cancel
Call or text about wrong pin location, but don't acknowledge their mistake = Cancel
Call to ask your ETA = Cancel
Call to ask why your car stoped and it was only for a minute or less = Cancel
Call to ask if you are coming = Cancel
Call to ask if you know the area (yes, i've had this call a few times) = Cancel
Call to ask if they can pay cash = Cancel
Call to ask if you can pick-up someone under 18 yo (happen just last Friday) = Ride Cancel
All passenger(s) Coming look under 18 yo = Cancel (uber's tos, much be 18 yo or older to have uber account
Asks you to delivery a sealed package = Cancel
Asks you pick-up a sealed package from a 3rd party and deliver to a 4th party = Cancel
Ask you to wait for friend(s) that's coming to car, a few minutes later they need to go look for friend(s) = Cancel
Having to tell passenger, you can't do this or that = Cancel
Passenger with rating rating (unless high surge) of 4.5 or under = Cancel
3 or more for uber pool = Cancel
5 or more for uberX = Cancel
call or text with directions to their location, that's clearly shown in app = Cancel
Not acknowledging any mistake(s) on their part = Cancel

My fav,

Telling you, you could have been 1 minutes earlier if you had turned on that other street = Cancel
too many to list all, but you get the picture..

After all that, Just S.T.F.U. and Drive. ("s.t.f.u. and drive" is my transportation motto)
Thank you for posting these. But as far as the cancels....are these causes for YOU to cancel or you think the passenger will cancel? Also, I take it we are not to pick up anyone under 18?
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