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My Rules and Customer Service, To Protect Uber/Lyft Ratings

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12 Year Driving Taxi in the IE 1999 to 2011, car was $500 per week and can have own clients, i was networking with a few other drivers to keep personal business going.

My current car is a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Reserve
As of 10.26.14 I am now a Uber/Lyft driver. This is My Advice for New Uber/Lyft Drivers (take it or leave it)

The following rules and advice are not written in stone, relax as needed...

For your safety.

Do not walk women to door, boyfriends and husbands may think you are the other guy, If you are looking for a quick beat down, Do this on the wrong night and you will find what you are looking for, You are not a taxi driver, you are just some unknown man/woman in a car.

if your passenger becomes hostile, angry, or threatening in any way, do not get out of your car, your car is your safety zone if you have to get out of your car remember to take your keys and cell phone with you but do not approach the passenger,

Only allow passenger to seat behind you if all other seats are taken, as far as i'm concerned this is total disrespect,

Don't give a drunk man's woman too much attention, This is not a joke - You have been warned..

Do not deliver sealed packages, this is bad news for a lot of reasons, unless you are doing it as part of a Uber/Lyft delivery program

For your health and well-being

Occasionally get out of car when it's appropriate, assist passengers when it's obviously needed, get out and open your own trunk, not saying you have to load the luggage but at least supervise the loading of the luggages and packages Do this for your heath not just to assistant clients,

if you work long hours and feeling fatigued, take naps and breaks when needed

For Your Ratings

Keep windows clean at all times and Always offer the front seat (i don't always offer but i do keep it clear of personal items),

Greet the client by name if possible, say "Hello john, thank you for using uber/lyft, good morning/afternoon/evening,

do not ask how is your morning evening or night, unless they ask you first, Some people take this type of comment personally remember not everyone's brain working in the same, your passenger may be having a bad day, for whatever reason, so why ask someone how is their day morning noon or night unless they ask you first,

ask your passengers to let you know if the car is too hot or too cold and if they prefer windows up or down, blah blah blah I know it's your car your way your rules, just remember they are paying for a ride and if you're using Uber or Lyft money to pay your bills your passengers is where that money came from,

Confirm address with passenger, Ask if they wish to point the way or use GPS, and try to restrain from using voice navigation you should have your phone mounted high enough so you can clearly see the navigation it is very annoying, I only turn on voice navigation if for example in LA during the very confusing freeway transitions,

ask what freeway speed they wish you to drive, the limit or 5, 10, 15 MPH over, my cruise control is set at a limit of 69 mph just an occasional burst of speed or slow down to keep cars from cruising next to me (may limit is 5 MPH over without asking)

Ask if they have favorite music station or offer direct audio imput, i don't do this everytime,

do not force conversations with passengers this is one of the biggest mistakes that drivers make, instead start off with a leading comment like wow really has been hot the last couple of days, wow really has been cold the last couple of days, and if the passenger responds with more than a yep well then you know they don't want to talk,

if your passenger is engaging in a conversation with you try to keep it to neutral subjects, do not ask your passengers opinion on things in the news, political thing, religion, opinions about dating and marriage, because they may have an extreme opposite opinion of yours and now you opened yourself up to a whole can of worms,

And also do not insert yourself into passengers conversation unless it is appropriate to do so, for example passengers in the back seat maybe having a discussion about what movies they want to see and don't want to see and there's obviously a slight dispute between them, don't open your mouth and suggest a movie, you may be for example pissing off the account holder, and then you may Wonder later why you got a one star,

Offer personal assistant, especially to the elderly or people with disabilities, My mom uses a walker I have one stared a lot of drivers for not helping my mother,

Do not call clients unless really needed, it's annoying to passangers,

If client does any of the following, most of the time cancel:

3 or more for Uber pool or lyft-line = Cancel, (dont't every relax this rule)

5 or more for UberX , 7 or more for UberXL = Cancel, (dont't every relax this rule)

Got to love the client phone calls and texts - Not

Call or text or gets in car complaining about anything = Cancel,

Call for any reason but sounds drank or stoned = Cancel, (dont't every relax this rule)

Call or text, to ask "Where are you?" = Cancel, (i usually relax this this rule, if they don't sound disrespectful)

Call or text, with something like "your ETA was 4 minutes, 5 minutes a go" = Cancel,

Call or text within a few seconds, to say you passed the location = Cancel,

Call or text about wrong pin location, but don't acknowledge their mistake = Cancel,

Call more than once to ask your ETA = Cancel,

Call to ask why your car stoped and it was only for a minute or less = Cancel,

Call to ask if you are coming = Cancel,

(i relax this rule, if more then a minute to get out of parking lot)

Call to ask if you know the area (yes, i've had this call a few times) = Cancel,

Call to ask if they can pay cash = Cancel,

Call to ask if you can pick-up someone under 18 yo (happen just last Friday) = Ride Cancel,

Call or text with address and/or directions to their location, that's clearly shown in app = Cancel,

All passenger(s) Coming look under 18 yo = Cancel (uber's tos, much be 18 yo or older to have uber account)

Asks you to delivery a sealed package = Cancel,

Asks you pick-up a sealed package from a 3rd party and deliver to a 4th party = Cancel,

Ask you to wait for friend(s) that's coming to car, a few minutes later they need to go look for friend(s) = Cancel,

Having to tell passenger, you can't do this or that = Cancel,

Passenger with rating (unless high surge) of 4.6 or under = Cancel

Not acknowledging any mistake(s) on their part = Cancel,

My fav,

Calling to Tell you, you could have been 1 or more minutes earlier if you had turned on that other street = Cancel,

Too many to list all, but you get the picture..

After all that, Just S.T.F.U. and Drive, unless passanger wishes to talk,
("s.t.f.u. and drive" is my transportation motto)
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Thank you for posting these. But as far as the cancels....are these causes for YOU to cancel or you think the passenger will cancel? Also, I take it we are not to pick up anyone under 18?
  • His rules as to why he cancels rides. These are some of the things pax do that annoy us as drivers.
  • Correct. Uber Terms of Service state requestor (person requesting ride via app/account holder) must be at least 18 years old and if minors are coming, someone 18+ has to be in the vehicle with them.

Why? What's wrong with telling you it's their 21st birthday? Am I missing something here?
  • Lol well, if they are going to the bar, who cares? lol
  • If they are coming from the bar... get ready for vomit!
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I am seeing one strange thing recently. Someone else calls for ride remotely and riders are different person and has no account with Uber/Lyft.

It make sense in some cases where employer gives free ride to their employers like care taker, baby sitter, escort girl. I picked up all 3 kind of person and dropped them at their given destination, not sure what is uber/lyft policy with this kind of rides. It's getting popular for employer as they can get cheap rides
compared to taxi for their employees.
I think that is what Uber refers to in their TOS as "third-party usage."

The Service is not available for use by persons under the age of 18. You may not authorize third parties to use your Account, and you may not allow persons under the age of 18 to receive transportation or logistics services from Third Party Providers unless they are accompanied by you.
I have read here of some drivers that will refuse to pick up if the pax isn't the account holder. I don't think Uber/James River would cover you if the account holder wasn't in the vehicle.
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I think what they mean is you can't give your info to another person and have them use it. But you CAN order a ride for them yourself and not be in the car. Except if they are under 18.
True, could be. With the exception of a corporate account, I fail to see why it is so hard for someone to download the app and just ask the would-be requestor to just provide them with their credit/debit card info.

I mean, it is just troublesome to call/text the account holder where you are and having them drop the pin and then guess-rate the trip at the end.
1. If rider calls, text or gets in car complaining about anything, just cancel and uber on,

I have cancelled 1 ride since I started. I have no idea how you can cancel a ride when the guy is already in your car complaining ??

Also, on a lot of these cancels, you will surely be pinged out again as the closest driver. If you ignore pings too often, you could lose your job.

I am kind of new here and still learning
That's why you never start the ride until they're in your car and/or you are absolutely sure you want them as a passenger. Once you start the trip, sure, you can cancel, but you've now opened yourself to a 1-Star rating. But you are always able to stop a ride and ask them to get the f--- out of YOUR car.

Acceptance rate is important, but don't take unprofitable rides just because you're scared Big Brother will deactivate you. You're out here to make money, not lose it.
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