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Reasons to Cancel a Uber/Lyft Ride, Keep Your Rating up
please feel free to add your own reasons:

Calls for any reason but sounds drank = Ride Cancel
Calls to ask your ETA = Ride Cancel
Call to ask why your car stoped and it was only for a minute or less = Ride Cancel
Calls to ask if you are coming = Ride Cancel
Calls to ask if you know the area (yes, i've had this call a few times) = Ride Cancel
Calls to ask if you can seat more then 4 passengers = Ride Cancel
Calls to ask if they can pay cash = Ride Cancel
Calls to ask if you can pick-up someone under 18 yo (happen just last Friday) = Ride Cancel

By: pasadenauber
calls to ask where you are and they give an address totally different than the one shown in the app = ride cancel
Note from O.P. if they immediately acknowledge the mistake, i will pick-up, if not = cancel

Passenger tells you, my friend is a little drank = Ride Cancel
Passenger asks you to delivery a sealed package = Ride Cancel
Passenger you asks you pick-up a sealed package from a 3rd party and deliver to a 4th party = Ride Cancel
Passenger orders uber pool, 3 or more get in car = Ride Cancel
Account holder not over 18 yo = Ride Cancel
At 12am to 3AM ask all client if they plan to stop for fast food, if client say yes = Ride Cancel

By: UberHammer,
Pickup location is wrong (after waiting five minutes) = ride cancel
Is this a poem
1 - 1 of 105 Posts