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My own local delivery service...

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UberEats is barely existant near me, and most restaurants don't offer delivery. I posted on FB and hit up local businesses. Eve hours during week, 12:30 to COB on weekends.

3 restaurants have taken me up on this since Friday. Customers are sent a text before delivery and pay me via Venmo, Zelle, CashApp and PayPal.

Slow so far but still more than UberEats!
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I have a rate sheet I share...

Less than 5 miles - $6
5 miles to 7 miles - $7
7 miles to 9 miles - $8
9 miles to 12 miles - $10

• Customer calls for delivery. You tell them you have an independent service available
• If they choose to pay service fee by CC on order, you transfer that fee to driver
• Or they can send fee direct to driver via Venmo, PayPal, CashApp or Zelle
• You get more orders
• Service available Monday thru Friday starting 5:30P to 10P
• Service available Saturday and Sunday starting at 12:30P to 10:00P]
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While I'm not familiar with how the cash apps work, make sure you screenshot any pertinent info involved with all transactions, and cash out immediately.
Once a transaction is sent, you cannot just cancel it. I keep a copy of each customer's order receipt and write the transaction code, time, amount.

Ain't my first rodeo lol. Uber shenanigans has taught me well 🤪
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