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My hero...

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The rider wanted to go to the emergency room at the hospital. This dimbulb takes her to the administration entrance based on the destination entered by the passenger. Rider insisted in the ER and Mr. Emotionally Stable worked himself up into a froth over this.
It's not that simple. I find it hard to believe the driver lost his cool over that. Something else must have happened or something said and it's not on video. Customer service is a tough job.
If I acted like that every time I dropped someone off at the destination that uber said was it I would I literally self combusted many times ... When going to a big building, apartment complex, establishment with multiple entrances I always ask the pax where they would like to be dropped off. Plus with all the shore renters not sure if there house number half the time their destination is just a street.
Who told you the dude didn't ask?? Maybe the lady cut him off and said just follow GPS. Speaking from experience. You don't know the exchange of words before this video.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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