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My hero...

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Incidentally, I've been caught on video telling a pax to get out. Pax was drunk and sitting in the front seat. Here's what happened:

Started at five stars
1) Third party pickup. Apparently he was too drunk for his friends.
2) yelled out the window at some kids with cops there. Minus star.
Told pax not to do that.
3) yelled out window at girls in front of Parker. Told him again not to that, rolled up windows and locked them. Minus star.
4) Pax is stupid drunk and kind of touchy-feels, asking me for a hug while driving.
5) Pax gets there, gives me a five spot, plus two stars
6) pax refuses to get out, starts snap chatting and takes a snap of me telling him to get out, minus four stars.
#4 should be minus a star, maybe 2.. no touchy-feely the driver, and no hugging. I'm here to make money not friends..
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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