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My first week driving Uber-X in NYC

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So I hit the free rental incentive and the first 20 rides bonus. Now I'm trying to manage the incentives between Lyft and UBER.

I definitely like Lyft a lot more. Driving for Lyft seems warm and friendly Uber feels cold. Will update more soon. Just got a Lyft ping at JFK

Edit: so a lot of you guys jumped the gun in assuming that I'm ecstatic.

Incentives for $1500 per week began this Monday, so last week my only incentives were my car and the first 20 rides bonus.

My thoughts: X rates are LOW. I couldn't see myself putting in a lot of hours with UBER unless I had a car that qualified for Black/select/XLR

The no tipping option is a drag, and pax act like it's part for the course. My first 12 rides I only got a $2 tip. After that a couple older folks tipped me $20 each. But in general Uber riders seem entitled, and don't even tip when I help with their bags, chat them up, let them pick the music etc.

I can see why drivers don't support UBER. Driving for them feels cold.

I started splitting my time with Lyft this week, and I must say Lyft is a better product and pleasurable to drive for. ...you have X riders who select pool to go a few blocks through heavy traffic...raping my time and gas...at least lift charges more like a cab and compensates me for my time. Their commission still feels too high, but they are fighting for their survival.

Uber isn't good for drivers or for labor in general. And many Uber Pax are super entitled. Lyft riders just trend towards being cooler and mored compassionate humans. If it weren't for the incentives I'd only drive Uber when it's a decent surge or as I said earlier: a car that could get higher rates. I still however see it as a stepping stone for people who aren't earning at least $15 per hour (at least in NYC)
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Bro, that's because of the incentives, wait until you work your ass off. With no incentives.
I was just going to say that. Those numbers are horrible for the hours worked.
Uber on
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Wtf are you so happy with incentivized numbers? Tell us, Mr Cloud Nine, can you live with the actual numbers without the incentives? How much are you gonna be taking home when you're paying for the rental yourself and not getting these incentives? Please tell us oh wise man.
Less than minimum wage.
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