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My first one star rider

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I picked up a passenger at NCCU in Durham about 1:30 am figuring I could get that done and still ready for closing time at the bars. He has me take him about 10 minutes where I find out we're at the Cookout fast food outlet. He tells me to go through the drive-thru (we're about the fifth car in line) then he changes the destination back to the NCCU campus. For the most part I held my tongue but did note that this was bull and this was rude and that going forward he should never make an Uber driver do this. 15 minutes to get the food (I told him don't eat in the car and he didn't) and by the time we got back to campus it was after 2:15 and I was left with the closing dregs. I gave him one star (I almost always give 5). and he complained on the app about my lack of professionalism. It's this stuff that makes you wonder about both doing this job and human nature in general.
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Good point. I've had a few situations where people refused (or were too drunk) to get out my car. I need to be a bit more cold-blooded about this stuff.
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