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My First and Last Day with Uber Flex

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Uber Flex just arrived in Denver yesterday and today was my first and last day! I showed up with a pile of 80 boxes I was supposed to deliver. Som how I got them in my car. I asked them how they expect me to deliver all these in time. They said they are all close by. Which they were kinda. I had a group of packages in one area then drove 7 miles to deliver another batch of boxes. Then directed back to the same area 7 miles away where I started. Had a delivery where the person doesn't live there anymore. Wasted 30 min on phone with support finally told to return the box to amazon at the end of day. I mentioned there is no way I'll be able to complete all the deliveries. I was told to finish my deliveries.

Returned to the Amazon that's 20mles from me two hours on the dot after my block was finished to deliver my final non-deliverable package. I was told I'll only get paid for the four hour block. So I argued that I was told by support to complete my deliveries and come back to warehouse. So technically I should get paid. The guy mentioned he'd contact someone about it but can't promise anything.

Over 75 miles driving delivering packages for 6hrs. And stuck in rush hour on the way home. On one the hottest days of the year and my AC went out. Oh yeah the gps had me take the toll roads so had to pay additional $7. So I averaged less than $10/hr before expenses.

Flex makes Uber look like a dream job!
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1st day can be difficult, but some great tips have been posted here by the users.

How to read the app and navigate it helps a lot. Check the map for deliveries close in the area and do those.

It takes some time, but after you do it 4-5 times you definitely get the hang of it.

I would give it another shot before quitting and ask for some advice on here

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After the letter I got from support today, I'm done! They make uber look ethical!

As my dad would say, you get your good judgement from your bad. $10/hr to haul their packages and refusal to pay me when I not only am told to stay late, but they added a delivery requiring me to return to warehouse! Grrrr!

Maybe flex is great for others not for me.
If you want to quit that's fine, but reading and understanding + applying experience is very important. You could have taken all the packages back at the 4hr mark and still got paid..... Come online and ask for advice, in a way that is why everyone is here. If you quit at every problem you run into life you're not going to get far.......

My suggestion , give it a few more trips, learn some tricks and ask for advice. If it still isn't for you then it's fine to leave, but don't just give up at any and every problem you run into as life is going to give you a lot of them.........

My $00.02 this job is VERY EASY, only problem is securing full-time hours which is why I decided to pursue a more stable job with benefits

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I appreciate your feedback. I love the forum because of the reasons stated above. People on here are awesome with sharing their experiences and wisdom so others can learn and be more successful.

As for Flex, you all can have my blocks. Delivering packages isn't for me. Even if I didn't have the issues I experienced.

Since I only drive uberSelect, I average $25-30/hr before expenses but after uber takes their cut. Not only that, I really enjoy driving pax. I've had one bad and very scary incident in all the rides I've given. My pax got violent in the car punched the seat, sucker punched his buddy riding in front then grabbed me. I didn't file charges because i wasn't injured. The pax gave me $15 tip. And filed a serious incident report. Other than that I've met some of the most interesting people and engaged in great conversations. I also enjoy being of service of another to help them safely get from A to B. Especially if that means they don't drive drunk.

Flex just isn't my thing. Especially how I was treated by support. Uber support leaves a lot to be desired but eventually they make it right. Even if it takes 5-6 emails. I just don't see Flex making it right. Don't want to work for a company that treats their workers so indifferently.

I wish you all the best and hope you all are successful driving Flex. It's just not the gig for me.
Cool..... My point being that there are work arounds to the problems you encountered. The navigation system like you experienced can have you bouncing back and forth, but you can manually select your next drop off and do it in the order according to area. When I learned this, it saved a lot of time.

Second don't wait on customers and just leave packaged at door, move to the next (also saves time). If for whatever reason you're not going to finish your route then drive back tot he warehouse with remaining packages by your 4 hour block.

A lot of these things combined will make your life much easier. Finally if you are happy driving passengers then continue doing what makes you smile :) . I just don't like someone to give up because they an into problems where you could have found ways to avoid them. In the end though this GIG isn't for me either simply because I need something more stable with benefits, which this doesn't provide. Luckily I found a full-time job which I start next week!

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