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I thought I would share a good story with all the horror out there. I had a passenger that did not make eye contact and was very monotone. The young man shared he was Autistic. He had a girlfriend who was as well. He said he got bullied a lot for being different but it made him a stronger person. He was given up for adoption and his adoptive parents didn't know he was Autistic. They made him feel like a burden and he was treated less favorably than other family members. He said he was saving up for a car and worked 2 jobs to stay busy. His goal in life was to be a psychiatrist and help others with Autism learn coping skills and techniques to succeed. We talked about how Elon Musk was on the spectrum and his success in life. And how people on the spectrum just think different...not wrong. Anyway, I just really like meeting people and he was inspiring to me.

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Riders can really make your day. Your rider had kind of a "Boy named Sue" experience, and there is no doubt he is a better person for it.

My favorite ride yesterday was my favorite for being the opposite of yours, mainly because I was able to scrape up enough backbone to cancel the ride on a handicapped person who was going to be a problem, and I was willing to suffer the consequences. Obviously we drivers try to have extra compassion for the disabled because they already have an extra burden. But not always.

Got a Lyft pickup at an apartment complex. Pickup notes say "CANE". So, medical pickup. No problem. Arrive in front and notify rider. Wait. Drive back and forth between the two entrances. Wait. Then a call. "Did they tell you to come around back?" No. Drive around back. Wait. Guy comes up from behind. Opens door.

Now, the man has a cane, a small backpack suspended in his hands, and a tall Styrofoam cup nearly full of liquid. He wobbles a bit as he tries to engineer an entrance in to the car. I am tempted to take the drink from him to aid in the transition. But first:

TRON: Is it necessary to bring the drink with you?
PAX (sarcastically): No, I can sit over there in the grass until I finish it. (STRIKE ONE)
TRON: Well......
PAX: Please don't make my day worse than it already is. The cup has a spill-proof lid (The cup had a push-on plastic coffee style lid with a sippy hole. STRIKE TWO)
TRON: I'm really not excited about having that drink in the car sir.
PAX: Well try to imagine how it is for someone who's had a massive stroke! (STRIKE THREE)
TRON: Don't get in. I'm cancelling the ride. The man turned and walked away, leaving the right rear passenger door open.

I hope the gentleman got his ride and that his pain lessens. At the same time, this sort of medical pickup seems the type clinics used to use ambulances or specialized paramedics for. But now, with far cheaper rideshare, and Lyft making it SO EASY to for clinics to call for a car, I am sympathetic to the argument that we drivers sometimes get dumped on.

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Cheap date huh?
Just not much to teach.
(you'll be overcharged for what you get)

*Edit: On second thought, since I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer it IS pretty cheap, so maybe it IS worth it. Tell ya what, I'll take my time and drink two.
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