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Music & Navigation Question

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I'm wondering if there is a way to play music from my phone (Pandora via Bluetooth) to my cars audio system while listening to navigation directions (via Bluetooth) through my ear piece, without the directions being heard over the cars audio. I'd like to do this so the passenger doesn't have to hear the turn by turn directions, which cuts the music. A somewhat annoying thing for the passenger and me.
Any information or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Not that I know of... Not from one device anyway. If you had a tablet or other phone, you could pandora through that via bluetooth, then have the turn by turn from your main phone go to a bluetooth ear piece that only you hear.
Quite frankly, I find the turn by turn to be annoying, so I just turn it off.
Yeah, I figured most would find it annoying but I like it as a sort of reminder - hey your turn is coming up - type of thing. Anyway thanks for the advice. I have this feeling it will be impossible to accomplish this without having another phone like you mentioned. Thanks again.
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I wish the Uber Nav app had voice options like Waze (I like the female Aussie voice), instead the school marm. I think pax would actually get a kick out of that.

Silencing audio turn by turn is okay in the burbs, but in urban settings it helps to have the nav audio on because there are too many visuals to track, esp at crazy intersections or in traffic circles.
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