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More Khanage?

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My dad braught me up to go to University. I had a place in Exeter University to study economy.
He must be very proud of you know.
All that expense and three years of study to open up a career opportunity, and you choose Uber.

No, we don't know. But we know his dad was better than yours. His dad brought him up to become London Mayor, Later Labour Leader and then The Prime Minister of this great country. But what your dad has done to you, nothing except becoming a black cabby to rip off public and not paying VAT. Buy the way what was your dad doing, carpet cleaning? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
London Major and a humble London cabbie, I certainly know who I prefer to sit and chat to, having a pint.
Boris Johnson London Major, now prime minister, need I say more.

as stated many times i use uber only in mornings to supplement my income. you could have done a degree then masters and have better earning potential, but to warn you, its harder than memorising random roads
I had a young guy working for me after just receiving his Lawyers bar exam.

Study for 4 yrs learning roads (really fun i bet) and earn 24k a yr after expenses whhooopieeeee
If you only knew.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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