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What's more dangerous?

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Exactly. Apartments are the worst. Especially if you have to pass by several front doors.

I had a debate about this with someone before I joined UP. They did DD and said they would never uber because it's too dangerous. They didn't like someone sitting behind them. Which is valid.

But exiting to an unfamiliar neighborhood and the number of potential risks just went up.
Today . You show up to the restaurant call them have them bring the food outside or use the drive through.
The drop off put the food on the door step knock hard and walk away .
Apartment buildings. Sorry you cant go inside this building . Call the customer if no answer text them and snap a pic of the food leave it outside of the building .
DD and GH are letting me do this here in Detroit . Co19 is here and its bad ! For normal safety not the damn virus i still have to think food delivery is safer . I Just set the food on the porch and knock and walk away how can you get safer then that ?
I Never waited for the customer to come take the bags from my hands .
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