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Monitoring of how close cars are travelling to cyclists in Canberra

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First two paragraphs:

'Twenty Canberra bikes have been fitted with devices that will track how closely cars are travelling to cyclists in a four-week study aimed at measuring compliance with the ACT's minimum passing rule.

'The University of Adelaide-led research will also examine how traffic and infrastructure affects adherence to the rule, which requires drivers to maintain a minimum distance of one metre when overtaking cyclists in a 60km/h zone. A greater distance is required in higher-speed areas'.

[end of extract]

For more information about the 'metre matters' rule in the ACT, see https://uberpeople.net/threads/'a-metre-matters'-rule-extended-in-act.222736/.
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And just how the hell are we meant to be a metre away from cyclists on Northbourne you know to be honest they shouldn’t be allowed on major roads they cause disruptions to traffic flow
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