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Mon feb 20 ride count thread

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How are you guys doing ?
I'm at 26 with 6.20 on the clock
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I'm at 3 for $172.00. #Selectlife
I have select as well, city was not so good at select , so had to take all the scrubs
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36 10hrs online. 3.6/hr. Hopefully that continues for 11 more hrs.

4.1ish (no calculator) is even better. Save me more than an hr.
My number went lil down 49 in 12.33
Ps not taking more than 1 pax in pool
I'm at 50 done for tonight 25 tomorrow. Hate uber for 75
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11 left hope to make em today
im at 45 currently.

hoping to hit 60 by 4am.
Good luck man !
Got select to concord. Screwed me up but good pay
For How much?
Still on ride, traffic on the bridge lol
Hey, I had an X base fare to Concord tonight. We didn't go, but I had one.

U post while on a trip? Do all of u communicate while driving people?
My pax is asleep . Select is the only way I'm leaving city. Don't go east bay now insane traffic before T.I

Probably Sacramento drivers done with weekly pdb , and going home lol

99$ I'll take it. And it's not that far from my house.
1 - 9 of 33 Posts
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