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Mon feb 20 ride count thread

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How are you guys doing ?
I'm at 26 with 6.20 on the clock
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im at 40, but im not in a hurry. even took a ride to shit Jose.

Not even mad.
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Pace yourself - was Sj on a surge? Didn't much surge today.
1.2x UberX around 11pm. I wouldve probably declined earlier in the day.

My commute home is same from either sf or sj.
im at 45 currently.

hoping to hit 60 by 4am.
Good luck man !

gonna be cake tho.
Did you get to 60? Things got slow after midnight. 22 today in 7.5 hrs, 72 for the week so
should be OK to get 5 on Thursday.
naw, aiming for 55 now lmao. Will do 20 tomorrow :)

then hit up the casino as soon as i finish!
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What casino? I might see you there ill be at Graton tomorrow hoping i can win my pdp on a slot. If not need 28 trips more to reach 50....:(

Good night all.
im gonna be there after midnight probably.

want to be safe tomorrow and work a lil earlier than im used to. probably start my shift at 4pm. i should be done by midnight, if not, by 2am.

Then i hit up the casino afterwards at 2am. Gonna go to San Pablo casino. I only play NL Hold em. I was a online poker pro back 10 years ago for a few years. I play casually online now at micro stakes because the games are dead.

Ill probably play till like 6am then go home and sleep at 8am.

Friday i do uber at 8pm-6am. Training at 7am martial arts. Then sleep around 12pm-1pm.

Dont try this lifestyle.
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