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Friday daytime was, also, over the edge. The end of the full moon phase.
Got a call to pick up a nanny and two kids at Fairfax & Colgate school. No one on either street.
Mom calls, talking all prim & proper, like I am a third grader that she must be patient with.
I told her that I am on Colgate and they are not there. Since she was in phone contact with the nanny, I ask, if they were on Fairfax?
She said, " As busy as Fairfax is, how can you possible pick up someone ? Use your fxxking brain, if you have one.
You are so rude !!! " ??????????
I'm rude ????? Mommy is a human specimen that should not be reproducing !!

Interesting note: She talks to me that way and then will trust me to pick up her two children and take them somewhere in my car.
Yep, definitely over the top.
This one is a major problem waiting to happen.
Hung up on her fat ass and canceled trip.
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