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Okay, so when I first signed up late December, I had clicked on an offer for $700 (I thought this was bonus but I could be using the wrong words) to be received after my first X number of trips. And, then I was supposed to get the 1500 / week for the first month.

Well, by the time I added the insurance and went through the whole TLC plate process (5 weeks), they changed the incentive to 300 after first 40 rides.

I just checked my earnings statement for the first week and, yes, they only paid me the 300 for the first 40 rides.

Where's the "sign on bonus" in all of this OR is the 300 the "sign on bonus" ? When reading other drivers' stories, it seems like I might be missing out on something.

P.S. I emailed and told them my invitation offer was $700 and that I was disappointed that in our new "partnership" they would only give me less than half (300). They asked for a screenshot, but how would I have a screenshot of December's incentive? They took down the December page so it's not accessible to be printed / captured on screenshot. (if anyone has a copy of it, please send to me).

It was 700 for new drivers.

The guy who referred me was supposed to get 500 but only got 300, too.
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