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Min wage @ $15.00

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What do you think will happen to ride sharing service is the federal Min wage is raised to $15.oo?
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It would lower the quality of the drivers and cars to taxi levels. Regarding quantity, I would guess there would be enough drivers, as there are many thousands of unskilled laborers with poor language skills that cannot land those minimum wage jobs but can drive for Uber.

How skilled do you have to be to work a fryolater? Most fast food employees are immigrants with poor language skills. So what you're saying is you are biding your time as an uber driver until the paper hat job pays the $$$. At which time you are planning on Movin' On Up! Question...You must have a skill and a steady grasp of the English language so...Why are you wasting your talents and slumming as an uber driver?
I drove for Uber for a few months then quit because the pay was too low. I have a job.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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