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Mileage / Expense tracking app for tax purposes

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7/12/16: Just released version 2.0 with Metric Support. Check it out here!

Hi. My name is Ken.
I rolled MyRideTrac out in the US about 2 months ago. I drive rideshare and designed the app specifically for rideshare drivers. There have been requests to put a kilo/litre switch into the app for everyone else who is metric. I am testing the app now with metric support and was wondering if there are any folks in Australia who would like to be a beta tester. The app is iOS only at this point. If so, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you a note with the info I need to add you as a tester.

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Yeah happens to the best of them ;)

Let us know if you get a android app out on the market though, happy to test that!
Well Shoot! Can you forward this note to all of your Canadian friends! Thanks for the heads up. And... you are welcome to test MyRideTrac if you wish in AU.

Hi Ken, if you are still looking for AU testers I am interested :)
Just had an AU tester drop out... If anyone is interested, please send me a note at [email protected] and I will send you more info. MyRideTrac helps you track mileage and expenses for tax purposes. This version being tested accomodates metric (KM/LT) and tracks all expenses. You can see more at MyRideTrac.com
Still looking for testers in Australia. Please send a note to [email protected]

Just Released version 2.0 of MyRideTrac. In this version, we have added the following new features:
  1. Dual Switch Metric support for the world. It works in the U.K. too!
  2. Ability to track ALL of your expenses using an easy to use screen.
  3. Elapsed time added to SEND REPORT spreadsheet file. Total your elapsed time or total by category using filters (for example, see how much time you are driving in NORIDER (empty) mode.
  4. Local Currency symbol and format support (of course!)
See a quick overview video here:

Go to www.MyRideTrac.com to see more.

Thank you to all of the Australian testing crew who helped make sure the app was working!

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I would help test this, but the link only came up for itunes. :-(
Will this be available for Android?
I received word that the video links on the help pages were non-responsive. It turns out that the iPhone doesn't really like links in PDFs... The new pages should be a bit more responsive. Thanks for the feedback!
Good question from the technology forum. Yes, you can add mileage and expenses from previous trips (made before downloading MyRideTrac) by adding rows to the spreadsheet that is attached to the email when you use the SEND REPORT feature. Google Docs or Excel work best. The spreadsheet is your log and you can add rows for previous mileage and expenses.
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